Why Are Nuts a Heart-Healthy Snack?

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In my book, nuts are one of nature's super foods, and I know we hear that term thrown a lot round the lot, but truly the value you get from nuts not to mention how amazing they taste, make them nutrition rock star in my book. Specifically, nuts have the right profile of fiber, fats and protein that give you stain power between meals, or also really boost your consumption of heart healthy fats.

So we see, people who include nuts regularly and you do have to kind of watch your portion, [UNKNOWN] the palm of your hand, or what they serve you on an airplane that's the portion size. We see that people tend to be leaner who include nut and they have much healthier cholesterol level, not to mention nuts are delicious.

So it's an easy food to incorporate, and a new study just came out recently that I loved sighting that Walnuts, in particular, have twice the antioxidant of several other nuts. So just be sure you are including a variety. I love Almonds, Pistachio, Walnuts, that's going to be really the key boost to delicious flavor as well.