Which Foods Can Help Me Maintain High Energy Levels?

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One of the big differences I always like to point out to people is the difference between energy versus stimulation. Lots of people talk about wanting more energy, and the best way to do that to really build up your body's capacity from the ground up is add more fresh foods. More fruits, more vegetables, I'm a big fan of fresh sprouts, things like that and the reason is they are very easy to digest, they also are packed with the vitamins, minerals, enzymes antioxidants, that fuel your body's own metabolic and energy pathways from the ground up.

On the flip side, you've got those high sugar, high caffeine drinks that bring you up quickly, but then bring you down. So in terms of those are the kinds of foods we want to be sure to include each meal and snack I said always have something fresh and always have some produce because that is going to keep you energized as you go about your day, but you also of course want to eat regular meals and snacks, because skipping meals in the name of weight loss, you're too busy, you don't know what you should be eating, that's definitely going to bring your energy down.