What Snacks Are Healthy Choices and What Should I Avoid?

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Snacking is a great question because roughly 23% of a person's calories come from snack foods, so it's a really important piece to look at in you diet. The number one tip that I give people is don't snack on snack foods. The food industry would love you to think that's where their foods fit, but in reality, snack foods often highly processed, highly refined, contain a lot of added sugars and fats, and maybe even some artificial things that you don't even really want in your diet.

Snack on whole foods instead, the closer it looks to how it came out of the ground, the more nutrient rich that snack's going to be. So some of my favorites are seasonal, fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruit, and nuts and seeds, I love sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, I've talked about on the Dr.

Oz show several times, I absolutely love them. I would say any sort of a [xx] if you need like a protein, hard boiled eggs again is one ingredient foods that are really going to give you energy instead of that quick stimulation that a lot of snack food gives you, but does not give you that sustained burn.

When we talk about grains, just look for whole grains. If you're buying a package, make sure whole grain is the first ingredient listed. That's going to give you the energy that you're really looking for when you snack as well as that nutritional trade.