What Is the Benefit of Taking Fish Oil Capsules?

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If you can't consume fish twice a week the great alternative is to take fish oil capsules, and the benefits what we really see is it's giving you that vital Omega-3 fats specifically DHA and EPA that have been shown to significantly lower your rate of heart disease, to fight dementia, to boost depression and improve your mood, so very good in the immediacy as well as the long term.

And what you want to look for there's no official USDA recommendation of how many milligrams per day you should be consuming. But most experts agree about 300 milligrams a day, total DHA and EPA is the where you want want to start seeing those benefits. If you do have a heart disease the American Heart Association recommends you bump that up to one gram of fish boil a day for health.

Anything higher than that, I highly recommend you check with your health professional cause you're moving up to a therapeutic dose and you really want to make sure that is not going to be competing with any other medication that you maybe taking.