What Are the Health Benefits Gained By Consuming Organic Food?

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One of the most exciting areas of research that is really coming out lately are the measurable specific advantages to consuming organic foods. Specifically we see that consuming organic animal products, dairy and milk, actually so smart food has a different nutrient profile because organic foods when we talk about animals, cows must be on pasture or at least fed 30% of their diet, from grasses, clovers, alfalfas, and that translates into specific nutritional advantages to the milk.

We see that organic milk tends to have more omega 3 fats, which is that heart healthy fat. It tends to be lower in artery clogging saturated fats. There is more vitamin E and a betacarotines, because animals are what they eat and when cows get to graze on that grass organically it translates in their meat or in their milk to a better nutrient profile.

The other piece we look at produce fruits and vegetables it's what's not in them. It is pesticides, it is fertilizers, it is things are that used on the farm that residues, that can stay and linger, and there has been numerous studies coming out in the past couple of years looking at pesticide residue in urine with prevalence of ADHD, Autism so there's some intriguing questions that have been raised and I think the jury is still out but the evidence is starting to suggest that the more you can minimize pesticides in your diet the safer for you and especially your children.