What Are the 5 Foods That Are Most Important to Buy Organic?

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I get this question all the time about what are the most important foods to buy organic? Here are my top five and some of them might surprise you. Number one is potatoes, and that is because potatoes are Americas most commonly consumed vegetable by a wide margin so if your house is like my house you definitely have potatoes in some shape or form several times a week.

Potatoes are listed on the environmental working groups Dirty Dozen, and even if you peal them we find that they still have pesticide residues, so potatoes are number one on my list. Number two and number three are in the dairy case, milk and yogurt and that's because of the new USDA dietary guidelines encouraging us to have dairy at every meal, it's especially important that daily dairy be organic and not because animals are what they eat.

We see that cows feed in organic diet literary translate into more nutrient rich milk, more Omega-3 lower saturated fat levels and most importantly it's about what's not in there. No both growth hormones no hormones no antibiotics and no cows were fed in organic diet. Lastly number four and five are beef and poultry like I just said animals are what they eat and it's really about protecting you as the consumer.

A 2010 presidential cancer report, their top three suggestions in their top three they included choosing animal products produced without hormones or antibiotics to protect yourself against the risk of cancer. So the higher you go up the food chain the more concentrated anything can become in that food that you are eating, so those are my top five really if that's where you have to start you'll be good to go.