What Are Some Simple Ways for Me to Cut Calories?

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The number one tip to cut calories may surprise you because it actually has nothing to do with what foods you eat, as much as where you're eating them. What I mean by that is, move your dinner plate from a 12 inch plate to a 10 inch plate and you will reduce your calories by 22%.

I call that the low hanging fruit of cutting your calories but, the research is really strong but that just by switching back to a dinner plate that we all laid off of in the 1980s, you're going to spontaneously eat about 22% fewer calories. Some other tips I have talk about, flipping up and shaking up the ways we think about foods.

So for instance for breakfast, one of my tips is turn your bowl upside down and what I mean by that is most of us start the day with a big bowl of cereal and then we put a little bit of fruit on top. What you want to do is actually flip it, put a bunch of fruit in your bowl first and then put about half as much cereal on top as you usually do, this creates that really visual illusion for your eyes so you feel really full and satisfied but you can easily blast 100 calories at your breakfast with that simple tip.

One other tip I have, would be when we're drinking, drink kind out of a tall skinny glass rather than a wide short glass, even bar tenders are fooled when they are asked to pour in a tall skinny glass they're going to are poured less than in a wide short glass. So a lot of those tricks of our eyes, I like to say our environment conspires against us to eat more.

And then lastly, I would say if it fits in the palm of your hand it's probably okay for a snack, as long as you're no more than 250 calories. I say eat foods, fruits and vegetables, whole foods from nature for snack time as well as the meal time.