What Are Some Healthy Snacks That Kids Will Love?

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Now I have a four and a six year old so healthy snacks the kids will love I am in the boat with many of you looking at things that kids are actually going to eat, and the one thing that I've really found that works, you have to get them engaged, and you have to kind of keep it fun.

Kids love to customize, so my strategy is I put out a variety of healthy things in the scene, and then let them build it. So for instance, maybe I'll put out a little bit of a healthy salad dressing, with some snack peas, some fresh spill peppers, some carrots and some cucumbers.

The other thing is, I always steer away from servings snack foods, don't forget hunger is the best seasoning, so snacking is a great time, if your kid is hungry, to kind of sneak in a healthy food group. I always suggest something fruit or something of a vegetable in that snack combination.

The other thing that my kid love is taking Greek yogurt, which is a great base for a snack because it has twice the protein of regular yogurt, and let them customize it with some fresh fruit or dried fruit, and if you're on the go, and if it has to last in the car or in the gym bag, then something that's not going to be susceptible to temperature, nuts, seeds, dry fruit, wonderful sustaining energy for your kids.