Should I Be Worried About Mercury In Fish?

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The shot heard around the world for the media was in 2004 when a study came out that found that farmed salmon had 4 to 10 times the mercury and PCB levels contained in the fish compared to wild salmon. Now this stirred off this great debate, but what wasn't included was what's the risk of not eating fish? So everyone rushed to this idea that there is a risk of eating fish when in fact the risk is greater from not eating fish.

We see that whether we are looking at heart disease. Did you know that you are 10 times more likely to die from sudden death from a heart attack if you are not eating fish twice a week? Just to put that in context consider that you're only seven times more likely to get lung cancer if you smoke.

More than any drive eating fish twice a week has great benefits. The other piece is even with children and pregnant women these populations that were most concerned about when it comes to mercury and PCB, we see that the risk of lower IQ or challenges with visual acuity actually are significantly greater from avoiding fish than any risk associated with consuming fish.

So both as a registered dietitian and a mother of two children, I can honestly say that the science really seem to suggest that fish is one area where you are doing more harm than good by leaving it off the plate.