Is There a Difference Between Energy Drinks and Sports Drinks?

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You know that is a great question because the beverage aisle is more confusing than ever and all lines are blurring to be honest. But the goal to the sports drink are pretty specific, if you really are looking for a sports drink performance then you want carbohydrate, to replace carbohydrate lostering exercise, you also want those electrolyte replacements that you're going to loosing when you're sweating during endurance events.

Energy drinks or energy shots in contrast really their goal is as the name implies, to just give you energy so they going to be very widely, they maybe as simple as caffeine and sugar, they may have big element stored down there, but really you want like I said you want to look for the ingredient list, ideally there going to have less amount of caffeine and its recommended in an energy drink that we have no more than 300 milligrams of caffeine overall the course of the day.