How Often Should I Include Fish In My Diet, and What Kinds?

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If there's one thing that you could do to really boost your health as well as that of your family it would be to add fish twice a week to your plate. The good news is you don't have to go more than that, but twice a week is where we see huge benefits in slashing your rate of heart disease, even fighting dementia down the road, and then the short term feels omega 3 fat to help your skin look gorgeous.

So omega three fats, that's the kind of fish that you want to look for should be rich in omega 3 fats. Tuna, Salmon, barramundi and what else? Sardines, mackerels, these are some of the richest omega 3 fat foods on the planet, and we see that that protein package that fish uniquely offers,that combo of omega three fat, vitamin D, selenium and protein really is a super food for super health.