How Can I Reduce the Calories I Get From Beverages?

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Liquid calories are probably the number one place in most people's diet that are contributing to weight gain, and what really surprises a lot of people is our brain doesn't register the liquid calories the same way as when we eat calories. So the challenge is when you drink liquid calories you don't even realize and compensate.

So the number one tip I have is try to eat your calories not drink them, and one way to do that switch to sparkling mineral water from soda. That's going to easily for average American slash hundreds of calories a day, and if you don't like the taste of plain sparkling water, throw in squart of lemon or squart of lime or float some orange slices in there to keep it really tasty and fun.

Another way to cure, carb liquid calories, again, back to portions, reach for those coffee mugs that your grandmother had in the 1970s, or maybe that you had in the 1970s. Portions size have gotten so much bigger, and especially when you order a big fancy coffee drink, we can be basically be having an equivalent of a milk shake in a cup when we're starting our day.

So pulling back a little bit on the added sugar, and the whip cream in those coffee rinks and keeping smaller portions, and switching to water as much as we can, will be my top tips for cutting weight and calories.