How Can I Cut Down on High-Calorie Drinks?

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A lot of people have no idea especially when they buy these on the fly because calories may not listed how much sugar they're actually getting, and there are several energy drinks on the market where you might be getting 54, 64 teaspoons of sugar, that's the equivalent of snacking on five to six sugar glazed doughnuts.

So the real tip to cut down is number one look for things with a food label so you know ho many grams of sugar you're getting. Dr. Oz and I recommend not more than 10 grams of sugar max in your energy drink of choice. Also coffee is a very general term and a lot of times people go into these coffee houses and they this drink and they are drinking a coffee, when you look at the calories it's more akin to a liquid hod fudge sundae, or a milk shake.

So, part of the reason that people are overdoing it and maybe even having some waking with this coffee drinks is because they just have no idea how many calories they're actually consuming when they're looking for that pick me up.