How Can I Boost My Energy Without Coffee?

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As a nutritionist, I always say food first. You can't drink your way out of a deeper energy deficiency. So the first things you want to be looking at are, are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating right? Are you exercising? Are you drinking enough water? All of those lead to fatigue that cause us to reach for those energy drinks.

And secondly, a lot of times in that afternoon low/g, our body's actually telling us that we're hungry and we do need a source of energy. But we want to reach for real food. So on the show today, doctor and I talked about pairing your energy drink, if you are going to have it, with a protein snack, like a handful of nuts, thick yogurt or humus, but really whole foods make perfectly good snack.

So fruits, vegetables, whole proteins, that's going to give you that sustained energy you're looking for and not that quick, up and back.