Does Massage Help Treat Neck and Shoulder Pain?

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Massage is a great adjunct to physical therapy, but it is only temporary. So you have to find out what the root cause of the problem is. And massage as much as it feels great when it's being done on you, it's really only temporary because it's loosening up the tissues, it's bringing blood flow to help with tissue healing, but again if you don't find out what's going on, it's a very temporary feel good but it doesn't help fix you.

So if you're feeling a lot of neck pain and shoulder pain and stiffness, what you can do is in upper trapezius, which are most often the ones that are over used, you can take two fingers or all four fingers and just give yourself a little downward pressure, and you can rub sort of back and forth, just like this.

Find the nodes, that pretty much everyone has, and then if you want to increase it a little bit, so I'm going to work on my left side, I can actually just give myself little bit more pressure here and then come up along the sides of the neck, all along these muscles, and that will help temporarily relief some of the pressure in that area.