What Are Good Sources of Antioxidants?

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Antioxidants are abundant in the plant kingdom, you can find them pretty much in every fruits and vegetable in large amount and also in whole grains, legumes, nut seeds, teas, they are pretty much omnipresent you will be good us in all plain foods. And the reason that we age is because of oxygen and you can't be away from, can't be outside oxygen because we need it to live, it's kind of ironic, so we use antioxidants to quench the effect of oxygen on our body and where do we get antioxidants? Well there are burden in a plant world, my favorite sources are from the most colorful pigments like chlorophyll, anything green that's what I love and always recommend eating a lot of leafy green vegetables, also the blues and purples from the anticyanides and blueberry and blackberry cravings [xx] and where you can get those colorful [xx] always tell people to eat their rainbow every day because you're going to get a wide variety of antioxidants, also caledonides, all the reds, oranges and yellow fruits and vegetables, rich source of powerful antioxidants, so eat your fruits and vegetables and you get a wider range and also green tea.

Green tea is a wonderful source of cardigans and has a lot of antioxidant power. So you can't go wrong in the plant kingdom.