How Can Pomegranates Improve My Health?

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Pomegranates are rich sources of all sorts of anti-oxidants and phytonutrients. And one of them, well the primary, the one that gives it it's pigment, it's color that blue-ishy purpley red color, is anthocyanin. And anthocyanins are able to slow down basically the effect of the signs on your skin, it's very good for your skin health and again, it's overall, it has the antioxidant power that's going to help you prevent, stay [UNKNOWN] or even fight chronic disease, and keep you healthy and young, and keep your skin glowing and turning over and completely healthy.

So you can get these anthocyanins from pomegranate as you can get them from the fruit itself if you want. They actually sell them now, broken up, so you don't have to cut it open and spray yourself everywhere with the juice but, you could also get in a juice from, and it is just pure, pomegrenate juice.

But it's not exclusive to pomegranate these anthocyanins, and antioxidants, you can get them from anything where you see that reddish, bluish, purplish tints. So, like blue berries and black berries, all of the berries, strawberries have very similar properties. And additional benefits as well.

So it's not exclusive to the pomegranate. But all of these colorful often vegetables are extremely healthy.