What Can I Do for Pain If Prescription Drugs Don’t Work Anymore?

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Well prescription pain meant stop working, there's still a lot of things you can do to help your pain. I mean first of all, you may have to just change your relationship with pain a little bit, and stop fighting it so much, and accept that it's going to be part of your life, and you need to work through it.

The worst thing you can do is stop exercising, take to your bed, not move, you have to keep moving. A couple option that you can do in terms of herbal medicines, you can take something called SAM e which is good for joint pain, or you could take 5HTP which is good for any kind of pain, and also really helps with depression and anxiety, but there're things like meditation or mindfulness, sort of stress reduction type techniques, that really are legitimate treatment mentalities when you've got a pain. It's really teaching your brain and your mind to take control over your body, and changing your relationship with pain primarily.

So exercise, anything you can do to improve your mood which includes meditation, but it can also be things like 5HTP or SAM-E which are both good for depression, anxiety, but they're also good for pain. And there are all alternatives to prescription pain killers.