What Are the Pros and Cons of Prescription Drugs?

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So, there's a lot of pros and cons to prescription drug use, it's complicated, it's really multi-faceted. There are plenty of people who are being helped by prescription pain medicine, by prescription stimulants for ADD or by taking anti-depressants because they're anxious, or they're depressed.

And there are plenty of people who really need these medications, but I think what's happening now in our culture is that we're getting sort of over medicated. And we've got 5% of the world population and we take 50% of the world's pills, so that's wrong. We're looking for a quick fix.

And sometimes the key to treating depression and anxiety is that you need to exercise, and eat better food, and get more sleep, and get off the screens, and go outside, and play. You need to connect with nature and disconnect from technology, and I think that goes for ADD also that there are other ways to treat your symptoms besides taking medicine and with chronic pain, there are herbal supplements that you could take, or there are things that you can do like massage or meditation or Cold Laser Therapy or Tens Unit, I mean there are alot of other things you can do besides taking medication but I just think in our culture it's sort of the quickest, easiest thing to do is to take a pill.

But, often times that's going to get us into trouble. So, I know there are some people who absolutely need prescription medication but I think right now what's happening, is something called Cosmetic Psychopharmacology where people are getting medicated when they really don't necessarily need medication.

There's a saying in medicine, which is don't ask the barber, if you need a haircut. Yes, you could use a little trim why not and it's sort of the same thing with medicine. You probably have symptoms that could be treated with medicine but they could also be treated in other ways that are more helpful.

Which really comes down to eating good healthy food that's not processed, and getting sunshine, and getting exercise, and getting sleep, and seeing people instead of just texting them.