What Should I Know Before Taking Chromium?

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So chromium actually because it helps with insulin function, people who are diabetic should not be taking the chromium without checking with their doctor about the appropriate dosing for their medication now that they are going to be taking chromium, because the chromium might make your insulin native kind of natural insulin function work better, so if it does you are naturally able to put away the sugars a little better, in which case you may not need as much medication, so first things first is you want to check you sugars more often if you're starting any new medication or supplements like this, and then check with your doctor about whether you should dose adjust your medications now that you are taking chromium.

Chromium generally long term is relatively safe but one thing that you want to think about is, if you're pregnant or you're breatfeeding any and all supplements should be checked with your doctor before starting or taking.