What Are the Risks of Fat-Burning Supplements That Contain Stimulants?

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So here's a personal [xx] of mine I do not like weight loss supplements that have things that are stimulants like [xx] etc, primarily because of the concerns over what it might be doing to the body if your body is not ready for stimulant activity throughout the day, and so I generally like supplements that help to emphasize your own body's functioning without being too excited for you or too stimulating to the body because it might stress out the heart.

So I will definitely try to make sure, especially if you're taking garcinic [xx] do not take it with a supplement where there is an additional stimulant or something like that on top of it because there were some concerns in the studies about safety if you do actually take the garcinic [xx] with stimulants.

Primarily not because of the [UNKNOWN] but I think based on the studies there was a hypothesis that was more an issue with a stimulants.