What Are the Health Benefits of Chromium?

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The health benefits of chromium is that it is actually an important part of insulin function in our body. And insulin is a hormone that we need in our body to help regulate blood sugar so that when we do eat foods, that they go into the right places and be used as energy instead of being stored as fat.

So chromium is important for sugar regulation and balancing. Surprisingly there is a lot of mild to moderate deficiency in chromium in the US and the reason for that is that chromium are found in foods like vegetables, meats and whole grains, but we only absorb about 0.4 to 2.5% anyway at our optimum amount of absorption, and as we get older and our body is more stressed and inflamed we don't absorb as well and then certain foods that are more processed and refined and high in sugars you don't get a lot of nutrients cause there's not a lot in there.

So and also a lot of these factors also cause you to lose more from your body from your urine and stool, so that's why sometimes its important to take the supplement because you're just not going to get just enough from your foods.