Is Red Yeast Rice a Good Alternative to Statins?

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Red yeast rice is a great alternative to statins primarily because the active ingredient in red yeast rice and with statins are similar. So they've actually done studies where it looks like the fat cholesterol, which is the LDA, will go down by 22% with red yeast rice. With dietary change of my own personal clinic I've definitely seen a lot a lot of improvement with cholesterol with just even within two to three months of starting the red yeast rice.

What's important about that is you always want to make a dietary change with that, you don't want to continue with the root of the problem, and just take medications or supplements on top of that. So the red yeast rice is a great option primarily because also it causes, in my clinical experience, a lot less of the muscle aches and some pains that statins might.

Red yeast rice, the dosing that you want to use is 1200 to 2400 of milligrams, you don't want to do much higher. Don't think that a little is good so a lot is better primarily because as you start to get higher dosages because they're similar compounds in the red yeast rice and the statins you might start to get more muscle issues from the red yeast rice and we don't want that.

So make sure you're checking your levs, you want to check your cholesterol levs prior to starting the red yeast rice, and then you want to check it every three months to see where your levels are, and go with the lower dosing that will get you the desired effect. And you also might want to get your liver and your muscle enzyme which is called Creatine Kinase levels checked regularly to make sure that you're doing fine with it, but typically that's not been as much of an issue as compared to my patients who have taken the prescription drugs.