What Role Does Psychology Play In Weight Management?

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Hi I'm Dr. Judy Hollis and you're asking what role does Psychology play in weight management. Well I was an obese person all of my early life and I became a psychologist to figure out why I ate. Knowing those answers really didn't help me stop eating. For the past 40 years, I've been treating over eaters and myself and I found that Psychology is absolutely the most important thing.

If you think about it every programme in our country talks about weight management by controlling your food and your exercise, but we have to instead look deeper into the person we are because the person I am today can't live in my former fat body and that lady can't live in this body, we do undergo some personality change to lose weight and keep it off and Psychology and psychological counselling will help you find out what those factors are.

Many people think it's about what happened to us in our childhood and what traumas we've overcome, actually I'm seeing that it's not really trauma that's causing people to eat and gain weight, it is really the positive hopefulness of success if you think about it that's why so many people lose weight and regain it, so we need to help people learn how to walk into the sunlight of the spirit, walk into positive, wonderful feelings about themselves and about their lives, Psychology is the way to handle that.