What Is Emotional Eating?

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Hi, this is Dr. Judi Hollis, thanks for asking what is emotional eating. A very good question, but again I would ask you, why are you asking about that? At some level you must know that we do eat for more a emotional reasons. Most of us really eat a lot more than we need to really stoke that engine for a 24 hour period.

We're not using food as fuel, we're using it as an object for comfort, those of us who are over eaters and that includes myself, we eat because our team won or because it lost, we eat to celebrate, we eat to mourn, we eat in any heightened awareness state where we're usually taught that quite young, from infancy to early childhood, that any distress, something by mouth will fix it, so the only way to really know if you are [xx] emotionally is to initially get put on some kind of a fruit plan where you know you are eating just the amount you need to stoke the engine.

Then any cravings and seeking out out food other than those times will probably be emotional eating. So then people say, why am I eating, why don't I come up with over, the answer to that lies within you, I always say to people and I became a psychologist to figure out why I ate, I was 75 why I ate, I was 70 pounds than I am today and I thought if I could get this thing out I'll be bale to control it.

All I found was that figuring it out gave me even better reasons to and justify my behavior. So I could stand in front of the refrigerator and explain to you why I was doing this. they were always made up reasons who really knows. What I like to say to people, if you want to find out why you're eating, don't, it's when you stop eating that you will find out what your eating is about.

When you don't eat at that time and you instead sit down and start writing your feeling, it will all be revealed to you and magic happens when that pin touches paper where the answers still come. So I want to wish bone appetit and I hope that you eat what body needs, not what your sight needs.