What Is Binge-Eating Disorder?

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Hi, this is Dr. Judi Hollis and I want to thank you for asking the question, what is BED, what is Binge Eating Disorder? Now with this question as well as many others I have always asked the first time. I want to find out why you are asking that question. Why is it important for you to know the label under T-shirt, the definition, the diagnosis.

With eating disorders, and I've been treating them quite a long time, I find that they're all on a continuum from aneroxia and starvation to full blown Binge Eating Disorder. There your often net person can be the same person. Last year, you could avoid 85 pounds, and this year weigh 385. In fact many times people who are obesse are also suffering anorexia fear they are starving themselves trying to lose the weight, they are exhibiting many of the negative affects on their body that anorexic experience with starving, they have learn goals that down like body hair because of hypothermia because they're so cold that they need to develop [xx], they have lots of [xx] and they have all of the physical attributes of starvation even though they're not starving.

Now, Binge Eating Disorder is quite interesting, I have some personal experience with that particular diagnosis and that is that when I opened the nation's first eating disorder unit in 1975, at that time there was a diagnosis called.