What Are the Psychological Effects of Childhood Obesity?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Judy Hollis and I'll be answering your question, what are the psychological effects of childhood obesity? Well, I happen to know that quite well because I was an obese child and suffered as an obese young adult as well. There's a lot of damage done to a person feeling like a freak in the culture and being objectified.

To suffer taunts and ridicule from other students on the playing ground, develops very low self esteem, but also a sense of unworthiness. And that sense of being an object has a lot of consequences in later life. We become very mistrusting of other people and very hardened in our boundary, recovery is about learning to be more of a semipermeable membrane and staying with that childlike openness to let the world come to you.

I'm sorry for anyone who is suffering childhood obesity now, and I do hope we can do something to change that around, and a lot of that is involved in treating the entire family system.