Is There a Fee to Talk to a Counselor or Psychologist?

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Hi, I'm Dr Judy Hollis and you're asking is there a fee for psychological and psychiatric counselling. Yes in most cases there is because these are trained professionals who put in a lot of years, getting higher education as well as many hours at the internship, learning the skill and the art of psychotherapy and counselling.

Fees range widely. It's very important to ask your practitioner in advance what the fees will be and usually the person will enter into some kind of an agreement with you, that all this is very clearly spelled out. There might even be a fee for missing sessions if you don't call early enough to cancel an appointment.

All of this is to set up a situation where you and this professional feel like you are doing some disciplined work and giving respect to both of your time. So there are many agencies that can refer you to a lot of different therapists and of course you can give me a call.