How Do I Know If I Have Had Enough to Eat?

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Hi, this is Dr. Judi Hollis and thanks for asking me, How do I know when I've had enough to eat? This is actually a much deeper question than it might appear. I've said in other venues the best way to know you've had enough to eat especially in your early recovery, is to be brainstorming it with another fellow sufferer in a way that person can be called your sponsor.

Whoever you want to call it but you need the wisdom of another set of eyes that you can help sort that out. In the meantime though, the question is deeper than when I've had enough to eat. Most of us are really asking how can I know when I am enough? When life is enough? When I've done enough? As many of you know my 800 number, is 800, the number 8 enough and it relates to your question, but also it's a very deep spiritual question and until you really get to the place where you feel you are enough, you'll never feel satisfied with your food, and this can take a long time and a lot of changed behaviors.

I'd like to show you a necklace I had made for myself that I wear quite often and it says Dyeyaynew but it is spelled DYEYAYNEW. Now I'll tell you where the word comes from, Dyeyaynew is a song that is sung during the Hebrew Passover service and the song is about, wow, God did all these great things for us.

But even if he'd only done this one little thing, that would've been enough. And even if we are only had this, that would've been enough, and we're happy with anything it is enough. I am enough. Dyeyaynew means enough. Now look at how I have it written here in the necklace. I have DYE, to tell us you the 'dye' is cast, and then I have 'yay' to tell us, say yay to life everyday, grab it, suck it dry, savor it and then I have 'new' that each day and each experience, if you can go at it as a brand new event in your life, if you can have a child-like innocence and wonder as you approach your life, then everything will always be enough.

So, I wish you enough food, I wish you enough joy, and I ask you if you if you need to talk more to call me at 800-8-enough.