How Can I Tell If I Am Hungry?

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Hi, this is Dr. Judi Hollis and thank you for asking, How can I tell if I'm hungry? Very good question. The fact that you're questioning that means that you probably think you've been eating at times when you're not hungry. Well I hate to give you this answer but the best way to find out about that is to put yourself on some kind of a food plan that allows you to eat enough food to stock your engine, and you can have a nutritionist help you with that, how many calories you need versus your activities level and to find what is your best food behavior.

Then you will know that any eating other than that is not out of hunger, but is emotional eating. Now many of us have find that spreading our food out during the day is a good idea. The problem with that, is that you can get into grazing where you are constantly dropping something in your mouth.

So most people say it's good to have three meals and three snacks to eat 5-6 times a day. Again, you have to watch your portion control and you have to also think about, I'm I asking for more because I'm emotionally needing food, versus my physical need to stoke my engine. In the early stages of recovery I try to avoid enjoyment of food and try to see it as cardboard to stoke that engine, and you know what? What's wrong with a little bit of hunger anyway? Nobody died of starvation between lunch and dinner, we can make it.