Why Should I Wash All Fruit and Vegetables Before Eating?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Joy Dubost, Registered Dietitian and Spokesperson in American Dietetics Association. And I'm here to provide the practical guidance for food safety. Did you know that 3,000 people die every year from food poisoning? One in six Americans get food poisoning every year which translates to nearly 48 million people? But provided practical tips, you can ensure that when you're consuming food, you are not going to get poisoned.

First off I want to talk to you about fruits and vegetables. Many people don't realize that fruits and vegetables can actually provide bacteria, so when you go to the grocery store selecting your fruits and vegetables, make sure that you provide a brush, when you go home, scrub them gently with hot water, this will ensure ensure that you're bringing off and scrapping off some bad bacteria.

Also keep in mind you need to wash your hands, in fact, hot water deep water is great and use that for about 20 seconds using some aggression with the hands, sing happy birthday twice if you like, this will ensure that within that 20 second time frame, you'll be killing bacteria off.

Also, you want to keep your cold foods separate, from those foods, that have not been cooked, so basically you want to keep uncooked food, away from cooked food. Separate them out. Third thing you also want to remember is once you cook the food, you want to refrigerate them properly, ensuring that there is no time for bacteria to start to grow.

You actually have a 2 hour time frame, but as the temperatures go up, let's say you are outside picnicking than that time for temperature to go down. I would encourage you to go to www.homefoodsafety.org. Here you'll be able to learn about more practical tips and how you can keep yourself safe from any food poisoning.

Thanks for joining me.