What Are Supermarket-Shopping Suggestions for Avoiding Bacteria?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Joy Dubost, registered dietitian and spokesperson for the American Dietetics Association, and I'm here to provide some practical tips on food safety. Did you know one in six americans get food poisoning every year? With some practical tips and guidance we can actually reduce those numbers because nobody wants to get sick from eating good food.

First off when you enter the grocery store you basically have a two hour window of opportunity to ensure that your meat are same properly refrigerated, so the best way to ensure that you are staying within that two hours is pick your meat selection last, make sure that's the last thing that will go into the basket.

And that actually holds true for all cold products. You also when picking meat, want to use bags, that are provided at the grocery store, to separate those meats out, this will ensure that any juices that come from the package will stay in the bag and separate from any other items that are in your basket.

We don't want the juices, the bacteria that's in the meat to come in contact with food that's already been cooked this is called cross contamination. You also want to get a meat thermometer, a meat thermometer is great to use especially when you are grilling out, to this ensure that your meats are cooking to the proper temperature which would be to about 145-165 depending on the cut of meat.

I would encourage you to go to www. homefoodsafety.org You're there you can learn what temperatures are right for what cuts of meat and what practical guidance so that you can ensure you are staying safe when you are eating wonderful food. Thanks for joining me.