What Are Some Healthy Shopping Tips?

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Hi I'm Dr. Joy Dubost, registered dietitian and spokesperson for the American Dietetics Association, and I'm here to find a few helpful tips for you when you're shopping. First off, make a list. Make sure that before you go to the store you have a list of the items that you actually do need.

Second, don't go on an empty stomach because when you enter a grocery store on an empty stomach then you're going to want to put everything in your basket because you're hungry. So make sure that you go with a full stomach. Third, shop the perimeter of the store, and what I mean by that is, there you will find your fruits and vegetables, your lean meat, your low fat dairy and your whole grains.

So here are a few items I want to point out to you, when shopping for a whole grains make sure that you see the word Whole on the package. Brown rice is a great tool to use for incorporating whole grains into your diet, but you will see the word Whole on the package, and that will ensure that you're getting wholegrain, half of your servings of grains need to be whole.

Second, you may not want to buy fresh fruits and vegetables although you can priced right during their season, however you may just want to choose frozen which is another great idea if you want to get all nutritional values without paying a higher price, so frozen foods and vegetables work great.

Low fat dairy is another great item to incorporate in to your diet. For those with thoughts of soy milk or oman milk if you don't prefer to have dairy actually in the diet, and then of course your lean meat that you will find in your meat locker. When you leave the store in checkout you will find some temptations there, that are higher in sugar and fat.

Try to avoid those, and you'll be tempted at that checkout. So with these, I hope you find these tips helpful, thank you for joining me.