How Should I Fuel for a Workout?

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Hi I'm Dr. Joy Dubost, registered Dietitian and Spokesperson at American Dietetics Association. And I'm here to talk to you about how to properly fuel before a work out. First off you want to have a smaller meal, that smaller meal should be comprised of carbohydrates, because that's really what's going to fuel your performance.

Second, make sure you have a little bit of protein, but you also don't want to have too much fat, or too much fiber, because that can make you feel too full, and you could have stomach upset during your performance and you don't want that. Secondly make sure you stay hydrated, make sure that you're consuming fluids, at least four hours before your performance, and through those four-hour periods but also if you're exercising at least for an hour, make sure that you're having proper hydration through that workout.

The last thing that I would recommend is post workout fuel. One of my favorites is chocolate milk. Chocolate milk has the right source of carbohydrates and proteins, and it's just equally balanced, and you may opt for white chocolates. Well it actually helps to consume milk afterwards because of the flavor.

But it doesn't have to be chocolate milk, just low fat milk will be perfect. So I'm wishing you a great exercise performance and make sure you fuel up before you play. Thanks for joining me.