How Can I Buy Healthy Groceries On a Budget?

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Hi I'm Dr. Joy Dubost, a dietitian and [UNKNOWN] for the American Dietetic Association. And I'm here to give you a few tips on how you can shop healthy on a budget. First off, you want to make sure that you come prepared so go through the circulars pick out items that are on sale, use coupons and also make sure that you are registered to use a store card brand cuz that's gonna help [UNKNOWN] [UNKNOWN].

Next you wanna make sure that you're looking at unified system of these items. Because that will give you an indication of what the prices actually being charged on a weekday. The next thing you want to do is compare store brands versus popular brands. Think you can save some money that way.

Also make sure that shop the perimeter of the store first. You will find some helpful items within the food groups on the perimeter, like fruits and vegetables, whole grain, low fat dairy and lean meat. In addition to that, as you check out, watch to ensure that whats being [UNKNOWN] is correct.

You can bring a calculator, in fact with you and you can calculate it as you go along to ensure that you're not going to over your budget. And be careful with the sweets and [UNKNOWN] when you're checking out that completely adds bill off. But also add ingredients into your diet that you may not want such as sugar and fat.

So I hope you find these tips helpful when you're shopping on a budget.