How Can a Female Athlete Maintain a Healthy Body?

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Hi I'm Dr. Joy Dubost registered dietitian and Spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, and I'm here to talk to you about how female athlete maintain a healthy body. First off you need to nutrition. What does that mean? Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, low fat dairy and whole grain. Make sure you get some of those into your diet everyday because that's what feel your body and feel your performance.

Second, make sure you're safe, properly hydoctorted, we need to consume fluids throughout the day but particularly when you're exercising. Third make sure you  get enough sleep at night. Some of us are over training and we just don't give our bodies enough time to refuel and this is so important to make sure you're getting sleep.

Fourth, I would encourage you to consult a registered dietician because they can create a diet that's proper for you. Thank you for joining me and happy nutrition.