Which Foods Can Help Me Maintain High Energy Levels?

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So the fast foods maintain high energy is simple. The food that are low sugar and I call for the whole health program out there, my value factor so you can lose 49 pounds of belly fat every single week. So just make sure your sugar content stays down to 15 grams a day total. So foods that you want to eat that have about 5 grams for breakfast, lunch and dinner simple things, if you eat eggs with toast you probably have 2 grams of sugar all the sugar is coming from the toast, the eggs have no fat at all, so those are the kinds of food that you want to eat.

If you're having a lunch you're having a nice salad, maybe a green salad with chicken and maybe a little bit of your dressing has a little sweetness to it or few pieces of fruit that probably under 5 grams as well, if you take the fruit out you keep it at zero and then at dinner you can just use some of protein with vegetables, grilled vegetables, butter, whatever you want it has no sugar probably as well but if you want a piece of bread, that probably is two - three grams of sugar.

So a sample meal like that, we're focusing on good proteins, good fats and good vegetables and then just adding a little bit, almost like a condiment of carbohydrates and sugar, so you keep that sugar content to 15 grams total a day will ensure you lose 49 pounds of belly fat every single week.

And the reason you want to lose that belly fat is bottom line is because that is the key to high energy. If you have a high waist circumference, all the research says that your energy will be completely eliminated because of the excess weight on your body as well as all the sugar in your body, so when you move sugar and you move the weight, you increase and maximize your energy tenfold.