When Is the Best Time to Take Capsicum?

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One of the best times to take Capsicum is about an hour before your work out. That's the ideal time to get it into your system, you start to get that thermogenesis effect where you're burning fat already without that workout, then you layer the workout on top, and you're going to get a double whammy, and you're going to burn up to 42% more body fat, and that's the goal here, is maximizing the burn.

Find the best exercise you can use with this type of supplement is strength training. Now a lot of people, especially women, are scared of doing lifting of weights, or strength training, or resistance training, because they feel muscles are going to get big and bulky, then I'll tell you lean muscles on women are going to be long and lean, and here's the key, if you use exercise and strengthening exercises, you will burn not just fat at rest, but you'll also burn fat while you are doing it, and combining that effect will give you really the maximum burn you need. So I would recommend strength training, basic lunges, you can do lunge that I did on the Dr. Oz show, you can probably see in the link here, as well as a really simple side crunch which is really wonderful for the core, simple exercises that can be done at home without a gym are the key here.

And of course you can walk, you can do cardiovascular exercise but I would focus in on the strength training, building that lean muscle to burn that fat during the workout and after the workout at resting metabolism.