What Is a Simple, Healthy Dessert Recipe?

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Now, if you want a simple filling dessert recipe, of course, I love sweets and all desserts should be delicious, but, for example, a piece of apple pie for example, or cherry pie, any kind of pie that you enjoy is traditionally 4-500 calories per slice, and that's small slice, not a generous slice. So, what can you do that's smarter?

I love white corn popcorn, air popped, and you sprinkle it with seasonings, you can use, truly you can use cinnamon, you can use spices that are sweet like an apple pie. Many spices that are out there, none of them have sugar calories, none of them have carbs, and when you put them on there it will give you that smell, that taste of this holiday kind of dessert, but without all the calories and you can have up to eight cups of popcorn with this seasoning on top.

This all spice seasoning that will give it that apple pie taste, but without all the calories, delicious.