What Is a Healthier Alternative to Potato Chips?

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Now I'm a big fan of potato chips and if you're too there is an alternative, you want to swap your potato chips which will be 3-400 per small serving, really small serving like a cup. You want to switch it up so we can have a bowl of zucchini chips, now zucchini chips are easier to make you just slice them really thin, you season them to your style.

I like them spicy salt and pepper and you just bake them and that's it, and then you have these amazing chips, it's a chip for chip that is crunchy and delicious and will shake that hunger and fill you up and here you can have up to five pounds of these chips completely good and you are not going to have enough calories to make up for that one bowl of potato chips and [xx] you are going eat five pounds of sukinis so you are going to lose a ton of weight by feeling full I promise.