What Foods Contain Capsicum?

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Now foods that contain capscacium naturally are red cayenne peppers for example, or any kind of red peppers can have some of it, but cayenne pepper is one of the best. And at home I have a bottle of cayenne pepper, and you can use it on many things. You can use it in the morning if you have like an egg omelette, you can put some of that in there spice up your omelette and getting addicted to spicy food is in my opinion the delicate care way of loosing fat effortlessly because of two things.

If you use the spices, you're going to boost tyhat natural metabolism through thermogenesis, but because you're going to be avoiding sugars because I tell you usually spicy foods are best just with themselves, not with sweets you are going to be using more spicy, which will not cause weight gain.

And it'll cause that thermogenesis effect. So imagine using it with your eggs in the morning if it's at lunch maybe with a salad putting it and sprinkling it on a salad, Dr Oz uses it sometimes in shakes, when he does a shake he's shared that with me. At dinner I would use it for example if you're maybe grilling some sort of meat or salmon, or some sort of chicken.

You can put it on it, and give it that really great flavor sprinkle it on your barbecuing or pan searing, or whatever it is you're enjoying, and add that spice in there. Now the more spice you can use, the more it's going to give you that thermo genesis effect, which is what we you want because you're going to put more fat at rest.