What Exercises Can Improve My Posture?

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Now the best thing to improve posture is move a lot that require no gyms, nothing it's called Superman plank and you can do it, you basically put your hand out on a table or a wall but if you do it on a wall it would be easier than on a table, if you do it on the floor it's the hardest and you basically just hold yourself down straight and then what you do is you lift one arm up and hold it and by doing that you have to make sure you work your whole core, you work your abdominals, you work your butt, your work your back, you work your legs, you work your arms, you work everything that's the core as well as the legs and the arms.

And you basically improve the muscles that are required for excellent posture. When you have good posture just that, expose yourself to do it right now, it can increase oxygen flow to the deepest part of your body using your diaphragm and that's the key to create oxygen, is making sure you get oxygen energy and the key to good energy is good oxygen and by having good posture, you will maximize that ability for your body to process oxygen and you feel more alert, more awake and you'll feel and look younger always.

So here we go, we're just going to put our hands on this table, and you're going to hold it and lift your arm up and hold, and that's it, hold it for one minute, you're working your core, your back, your butt, your abdominals, and you're also working your arms, and that's it, and then you switch to the other side for another minute and you do that for a total of five minutes.

That is the superman plank..