What are the health risks of eating sugar?

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Now some of the major disadvantages to eating sugar of course outside of the fat and weight gain, are things called glaciation and glaciation is something that happens to your body when you eat to much sugar and it causes tissue in your body to break down faster now in the inside that's not good because your tissue are going to wear out faster, and this can be anything from your kidneys, to your heart, to your intestines.

So it's just going to wear out your body, but on the outside for aging and for youth preservation it causes fine lines, it causes wrinkles, it causes the skin to sag, but think about every time you eat high sugary drinks like anything from a soda to even a glass of orange juice or you could have had an ice tea without sweetener in it or something like that that is very low in sugar when you have that high sugar drink it's something that causes glaciation it cause this aging of the skin, it causes aging of your body, it breaks it down and of course we all know this I'm just going to since we are talking about the dangers of sugar outside of aging and appearance and on the inside it's also linked to some of the biggest killers out there that we know and you just want to be aware of that when you eat sugar, you're more up for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and many cancers as well.

So really avoid sugar when I talk about it all my books the belly effect series is about eating 15 grams of sugar or less a day that is most of the simple way to avoid hidden sugar is look at the labels and that have sugar keep track of it, 15 grams and you go for foods that are rich in good protein, good fats and the green vegetables and you be good to go.