What Are Some of the Health Benefits of Eating Citrus Fruits?

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I love citrus fruits because the health benefits are so powerful to your immune system which when your immune system your white blood cells count is strong you're going to have more energy and not are you going to have a lot of energy but you will feel young but you are going to look younger because it's the opposite of what a lot of our live cells and modern our lifestyle does which oxidize our body which it breaks it down.

Citrus fruits even though they are acidic when they're digested that they come alkalizing and they help rebuild our body and restore our body and when our cells are more vitalized and our immune system is stronger, we look and feel younger. That will make a really simple drink what I shared with Dr.

Oz was simply, you put lime in and lime as much as you want and you have stevia though rudimentary, you've got the perfect tray that is super high in vitamin C, the strongest antioxidant out there, and that'll give you that stronger immune system with a great flavor with zero sugar.