How Can I Exercise If I Don’t Like the Gym?

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So many of us don't like the gym because we just don't have time and the truth is that's normal in today's world, so the key really is making sure you a workout where you can it at home or the office or whenever you have time and the key is keeping it simple you don't need a special equipment or anything like that.

What I would like to do is be able to do it where you can do it literally anywhere whether it's with a chair or a table or just a floor and the key is just making sure that you focus in on resistance training. More than cardio, resistance training builds up your resting metabolism when you have a high resting metabolism which comes from lean muscles.

Now I know if you're a woman listening right now you may be concerned about resistance training because of the myths that have been put out there for years about how muscle is big and bulky, but I can promise you the strength training that I talk about will keep your muscles tight and really firm, and not big and bulky, and more importantly they're going to be burning fat 24 hours a day.

So the core idea is focusing on strength training, focusing on building lean muscle, and make that what you do at home, and you can do it literally in just five minutes a day.