How Can I Exercise If I Can’t Find 30 Minutes?

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If you can't find 30 minutes exercise, you just have to focus in on doing things at home, and doing things at home can really save time, and you really only need maybe five minutes. That's a kind of exercises I believe in that will really give you results because they are practical and all of us have five minutes.

You get up, you do it first thing in the morning that's when your metabolism and this the slowest, doing it in the morning will boost resting metabolism and when you focus say on strength training exercises, you are going to get results quicker. And the key is again building lean muscle not focusing in so much on cordial, but building lean muscle tissue, so you burn fat all throughout the day gives you what I call after burn and if you have that after burn fat all throughout the day, you just kind feel better and you are going to burn more calories.

So, focusing on resistance training, do that at home and here at Sharecare, we have got a lot of great exercise that can be done, as well as with Dr. Oz as you can try right here and right now.