How Can Exposure to Blue Light Increase Energy?

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Now blue light is a really simple way to increase your energy and it's a natural way to do, we've been doing it for tens of thousands of years. This is when we used to sleep outside or had access to more direct sunlight, blue light which comes up in the morning when we rise and the sun comes up gives us energy because the waves look different literally to our body, then they do the regular daytime hours right above or as the sun is setting as the center setting.

So how do we do that? Well you can try to open up your windows just as soon as you get up to let natural sunlight in, but if you live in an area where you can't do that, we want to use the light balls we do a blue light bulb and then it will simulate that blue look or you want to use the new light bulbs that are evident to literally simulate the blue light without tint.

They're phenomenal, they're just a couple of dollars and what they will do is, they will simulate the waves that are out there that literally simulate alertness and energy in different five minutes in the morning. Make sure though that lamp is not going to use at night before you go to bed because you won't sleep well, but if you use it in the morning for five minutes whether it's in the bathroom or by your bed side, you will double your energy.