What Is Transnasal Esophagoscopy (TNE)?

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[BLANK-AUDIO] Transnasal Esophagoscopy or TNE. T stands for trans, N stands for nasal, E stands for esophagoscopy that's why it's easier to say TNE. TNE is a way to look at the throat and the esophagus in particular without using any type of sedation. All you need to do the TNE is a little numbing medicine in the nose.

The TNE camera is very, very small, it's like a piece of spaghetti, and actually I have it right here in my hand, and you can see, and I'll do it against my cheek, that the TNE camera is very very tiny and we could move it up or down so we can go through the sensitive tissues in the nose wine down into the throat and then right into the esophagus.

This is a way to look into the esophagus without using sedation and in a moment we'll talk about why sedation is an issue but here without sedation you could look at the oesophagus without stimulating the gag reflex. This takes relatively minutes to perform, ultra safe, and gives you the answers you need.

So who is a candidate for TNE? The 16 million people out there who have heart burn and throat burn, meaning chronic cough, hoarseness, long flight/g sensation in the throat, or frequent throat clearing are candidates to have their esophagus looked at without using any type of sedation.

People say can you look at the stomach too? Can you look at the small intestine too? The answer is no in fact there are contra-indications to TNE, someone with a history of ulcer disease, in the stomach, or duodenum which is small intestine or someone that has a history of abdominal pain, or nausea, they are not candidates for the unsedated exam or TNE they must have a sedated endoscopy to look in particular at the stomach and the small intestine.