What Is an Endoscopy?

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An endoscopy is the general term for any time you look at the inside of a body with a camera, either a flexible camera, or a rigid camera. And endoscopy colloquially is the term we use for looking at the upper aero-digestive trunk or the esophagus, the throat, the stomach. To distinguish it from a lower endoscopy, which is another name for the colonoscopy, where you are looking at the colons, so there is upper endoscopy and lower endoscopy.

Lower endoscopy colon, upper endoscopy stomach esophagus throat. People get an Endoscopy, which is a look at the stomach and small intestine with a tiny camera, it's place through the mouth. When you are going through the mouth you have to be cedated because you are in the gagory flux.

So who is the candidate? Someone that has a lot of stomach pain. Someone that has had a previous history of an ulcer, either in the stomach or on the small intestine. People with a consisted abdominal cramping, unexplained weight loss, this are all reasons to have an upper Endoscopy.

Typically when you have abdominal pain or nausea or a history of Alzheimer disease, you really need and small and test and looked at.