How Often Should I Do a Breast Self-Exam?

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Well, every woman when she starts developing breasts, she starts becoming aware of her breasts and she starts formal breast self exam at about age 21, menstruating women should do it 5-10 days after the onset of their period, I usually suggest that menopausal women just simply do it at the first day of the month.

They should keep track of it and have a system to know that they have done it consistently, but what I have seen is women who examine say in January with a normal mammogram come back to me in May or June with a vague change in their breast and they say Doc, something's different, I want you to check it.

I examine him and I can't feel anything. I put my ultrasound on it and I see a little bitty cancer, I go back to feel it and I can't feel it. I felt thousands of cancers in my life but the woman is better at detecting a subtle change than the doctor and if she learns to do it with confidence and does it regularly she will be, she will give herself a major layer of protection because if she does get breast cancer, she's much more likely to catch it early if she does breast self exam regularly and with confidence.